Excellent quality Patented Silver and Gold properties located in Nevada and

Underground drilling

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 Patented Mining Properties are private property. Why continue the hassle with the BLM or Forest Service? Patented mining properties are in big demand and the demand is getting bigger due to record metal prices rise, and also as the BLM and Forest Service unfairly target and prevent the use of unpatented mining claims. On Patented properties you only pay the property taxes, no assessment work required!

If you are looking for excellent patented mining properties at an affordable price, you came to the right place. But please note: when they are sold, they are gone! Check the quality and prices of the other mining properties on the market, you will find on this site some of the best Patented properties for the money!

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Properties and Equipment for Sale

Oatman, Arizona


20 acres of patented mining property (private land) close to power and Oatman, great location.   $54,900.00

Equipment for Sale


Coming soon, mining, milling and misc. equipment for sale.

Lovelock, Northern Nevada


This almost 20 acres in size patented gold and silver mine (private land) about 10 miles from Lovelock. $39,000.00

Arizona and Nevada Patented Properties

Sampling vein, Oatman, Arizona


Gold in the pan


Adit opening, Lovelock property