Excellent quality Patented Silver and Gold properties located in Nevada and Arizona



Patented Gold Mines

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Northern Nevada

FOR SALE!   NOW AVAILABLE!    $45,000.00

This Gold and Silver Patented property about 85 miles east of Reno.  It's 19.3 acres in size and located in a great area for mining and exploration. There is much exploration and mining in the area of the state. Trenches, cut and other workings on this property. Some workings are very old. According to records, this claim was staked in 1897 and surveyed for patented in 1900. This property is almost flat, no hills, see from one end to the other. If you want a good patented mine, call !!
Call for more information:  619-765-9592

Above photo, approximate boundaries of the patented property for sale.

Above is one of the tunnels, this mine connects with the shaft just above, (upper right).

Above photo, open cut with quartz vein.

Above photo, this property is almost flat, no hills to climb!

Call for more information.  619-765-9592

$45,000.00 cash


OATMAN ARIZONA - ONE PATENTED GOLD MINE: Only $79,000.00 rare property to find, located a few hundred feet off Rt. 66. This property has power close by, possible water and close to the fire department. This property was located in 1908 and patented about 1916. Close to 20 acres in size. This property has great views and on calm days you can hear the staged gun fights from downtown Oatman. During a good rain there is a water fall near the center of the property, water has flowed down this some times for days after a good rain.

Photo 1, shows water fall (when it rains) and gulch from main shaft.

Photo 2, water below falls from rain. A friend found some flakes of placer gold.
In places a friend found some flakes of placer gold in the gulch below the falls. He never dug more than 1 foot down, bedrock has not been tested. At times there is water flowing down the gulch after a good rain. For the rest of the year the ground is dry enough for dry washing equipment. Hard rock ore is what the "old timers" were digging for on this property. There are several shafts, test pits and trenches on the property. The shafts are in a bad state and need to be dug out and some re-timbering done. There are no historical records of production from the property. But it is interesting to note that the bigger or main shaft had much mining waste such as blasting tins, drill bits and lighting indicating some activity was happening in the 1930's, most likely after the price of gold went from $20.00 to $35.00 per ounce. A cut in the hill next to the big shaft had at one time a hoist. Rock from several places along the exposed veins were put through a small gravity mill and some gold was recovered. This ore came from a weathered surface exposure along the vein outcrop. Part of the vein was also tested from inside the main shaft in 2014 (see photo), a gold tail was in the pan , but in small amounts.

Photo 3, Sampling wall of the main shaft. Old report stated this shaft was timbered and 50 feet deep to water, total depth unknown. Water pipes lead away from this shaft down towards the remains small mining camp.

Photo 4, part of the vein inside the main shaft. The vein is narrow at this point, a small amount of gold was recovered in test.

Photo 5, Yes, the famous Oatman Burros visiting the property.

Very few properties like this come along. If you want a patented gold mining property next to civilization, a place the wife will want to also visit, then don't delay, there is only one for sale!





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