Excellent quality Patented Silver and Gold properties located in Nevada and Arizona




If you want a gold exploration project, a business and a house, keep reading.   *** Call for details 619-765-9592 ***

Above photo is part of the 200+ ac. patented properties, this property with the above mine is next to the Florence Mine.

Here are some very interesting patented mining properties in the Goldfield area. There is a living Ghost Town, in Diamondfield several miles northeast of Goldfield, complete with a saloon, dance hall, bunkhouse and yes a jail. Elect yourself Mayor and Sheriff, as the saying goes "there's a new Sheriff in town". Yes, this will be you !  Also an "off the grid" house with a greenhouse and gas appliance's and solar panels, all over looking the ghost town. This could be a great tourist business ! The ghost town is in shape to begin business, the dance hall is ready for dancing and the saloon ready to serve drinks over the granite bar. Please note: the house and ghost town are very well maintained by the owner.

Above photo, part of the business section of the Ghost Town, notice all the detail and the great shape the owner has taken for all this.

Above photo of Ghost Town, a turn-key tourist business to start.

Also, there are over 200 acres of patented mining claims, some next to the Florence mine, which is a very well known mine in the area. Many mine shafts and waste dumps showing much interest in gold finds on some of the patented claims. This could be an opportunity to have a chunk of patented mining land in the Goldfield district for gold exploration. Having a piece of the Goldfield action could be very rewarding!
If not for gold exploration, what an awesome ranch style life you could have. There are many very beautiful building sites you can choose from on this property.

Above photo, mine head frame in center is part of the property or sale and same photo at top of page, the Florence mine head frame  upper right.

Above photo, part of the 200+ acres of patented mining property for sale. What a great spot for a house or cabin.

And, there are 4 lots about 3.5 acres in size close to the ghost town, the owner will cut your driveway and pad, all included in the price. The price is only $12,500.00 each lot. Remember according to the owner there are no zoning or building codes in Esmeralda county Nevada. Some water wells in the area are only 30+ feet to water.

Call  619-765-9592
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