Excellent quality Patented Silver and Gold properties located in Nevada and Arizona




ONLY $30,000.00 for EVERYTHING !!!

Here are 4 Patented Mines in the famous Goldfield Mining District. And within sight of the edge of "Area 51" as the owner pointed out. Please call 619-765-9592 if you want more information now.
These properties are located a short drive out of the town of Goldfield. There is easy access with two wheel drive in good weather. There is a Gold exploration that owns most all the patented mining properties in this district. One of several gold deposits they have and plan to mine, is close to two of these properties. Be almost next door to a future operation. Explore and develop these properties and you too may be pouring gold and silver bars. There were many very rich veins of gold and silver mined from this mining district. At current there are small mining operations, mining or exploring their properties in this area. Patented properties in this district do not come available that much these days. And patented properties in general are in high demand. Stop stressing over the BLM or the Forest Service with unpatented claims, own a patented mining claim!

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